Raggo Zulu Rebel ‘Holy War (WW1)’ (Album) @RaggoZuluRebel @ParkStreetPR

raggo zulu rebel - holy war

‘Holy War’ is the fourth album installation from Jah Messenger aka Raggo Zulu Rebel which has been recorded and mixed at More For Us Media studio’s by Morfius. This superb long-player enlists the helping hand from some other cutting edge home-grown talent such as TonyAs, Ragz Sweet Jones, JayJayBorn2Sing, Sian Brown, Big Cakes and more. The albums themes are based around physical, spiritual & mental turmoil, social economics, chemical warfare, the prison system, low budget housing, black market drug trade & prescription drugs, alcoholism & addiction, class-ism, self development, spiritual upliftment, genetics, history & religion. With tracks like “Pooky’s Story”, “Ape In A Cave”, “Star Of David” & “The Evidence” it’s evident that Jah Messenger is back with a lot to say…

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Raggo Zulu Rebel – Hail Jah

Raggo Zulu Rebel Feat. TonyAs – Star Of David

Raggo Zulu Rebel – Holy War (WW1) – Track-list:

01 – Warfare (Intro)
02 – Where
03 – The Evidence
04 – Bangin
05 – Star Of David Feat. TonyAs
06 – Weighty
07 – Wet Sand featuring BigCakes
08 – Pooky Story
09 – Herb Yielding Seed
10 – Shut Em Down Feat. Doc 4
11 – Highest Vibration
12 – Inner Demons Feat. Ragz Sweet Jones
13 – With Regards
14 – Sittin’ In a Cell (Pissed)
15 – Paranoid
16 – Nameles God
17 – Hail Jah
18 – Ape In a Cave
19 – Ugly Betty Feat. Sian Brown & Dominic King
20 – In The Ghetto Feat. BigCakes, TonyAS & JayJayBorn2Sing
21 – Warfare (Outro)

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